Brave Space, finding myself.

As a Black woman established in many white centered communities I have battled identifying myself as brave. Shoot, I struggled even identifying myself at all. White people took up a lot of space in my mind as to how bravery shows up in the world. Growing up, bravery looked like my girl friends jumping inContinue reading “Brave Space, finding myself.”

Experience is everything.

I was doing this really odd thing people do when they can’t see themselves represented in the hobbies they want to try. I live in a small mountain town where everybody and their mom mountain bikes. No exaggeration there. It seems like most people mountain bike on some level and really enjoy it. I foundContinue reading “Experience is everything.”

Mission & Goals

I want to encourage a more inclusive and equitable hiking community and promote diversity in the outdoors. Representing Black motherhood in natural spaces while being a role model for my kids and others around the world. Bringing to life the importance of anti racism and dismantling the systems that uphold white supremacy. I want toContinue reading “Mission & Goals”