Brave Space, finding myself.

As a Black woman established in many white centered communities I have battled identifying myself as brave. Shoot, I struggled even identifying myself at all. White people took up a lot of space in my mind as to how bravery shows up in the world. Growing up, bravery looked like my girl friends jumping inContinue reading “Brave Space, finding myself.”

Representation Matters.

This piece is about the importance of representation and Black joy. Here I list Black storytellers, podcasts, television shows, movies and lady adventurists!

Backpacking with kids.

Over 20 tips and hacks for my beginner or bipoc backpackers! Back in September I attempted our first backpacking trip with our two little girls. One is 3, the other is 7. I had only been backpacking once before this, so I am no expert. Always learning, always gleaning new information and wanting to shareContinue reading “Backpacking with kids.”