Allowing myself room to exhale during this social injustice pandemic. I like to set intentions before tackling new projects so I can stay on track. Putting my mission and goals out to my community will insure I say “no” to things that don’t align with my overall mission. Here goes nothing…

I want to encourage a more inclusive and equitable hiking community and promote diversity in the outdoors. Representing Black motherhood in natural spaces while being a role model for my kids and others around the world. Bringing to life the importance of anti racism and dismantling the systems that uphold white supremacy. I want to change the narrative that Black people don’t enjoy the outdoors. I will shed light on the barriers that marginalized communities experience in their efforts to hike, climb, mountain bike and recreate outdoors.


My mission includes encouraging white people to acknowledge their privilege. To use my voice and speak often about the anti racism work that needs to be done by every American. No white American is exempt from needing to do this work. Even I am unlearning things I have picked up from being born in a country founded on colonization and white supremacy. Its not enough to be NOT racist, you have to work to be ANTI racist.

I entered the outdoor industry recently after getting into the hiking and trail running scene in the mountain town I live in. In 2019 I wanted to create a community for networking and sharing about the struggles of feeling like an intruder on the trail. It didn’t take long to realize how far behind this particular industry is in diversity, equity and inclusion practices. There is a dominant culture in the outdoors that is unmistakably white and male. There aren’t a lot of people who look like me in marketing, media and in leadership positions for outdoor brands. When there is representation it seems to be fueled by tokenism and performative ally-ship. When you have a brand that has not worked to promote diversity internally or require anti racism work from each employee, you are left with something very toxic. Its harmful to BIPOC co workers, ambassadors, and the customers who wish to purchase and feel included. There is no blame to be had, but now that there is an avenue to know better, the industry MUST do better.

Outdoor accessibility, gear accessibility, safety, comfort, bias and stereotypes, lack of knowledge, history of lynchings, generational fears. This is just a short list of obstacles keeping BIPOC from getting outside as often as white people.

There are many barriers holding back Black, Indigenous and People of color from obtaining positive mental health and getting the fresh air we have a right to as humans. Over time I hope to convince you (if not already) the benefits of a diverse outdoors. I hope to explore hard topics like stereotypes and explore BIPOC presence in nature before white men colonized us and demanded culture assimilation. Topics like representation and role models and the importance of those in the lives of children and adolescence. Every body is deserving of a positive outdoor community, we wont get this if we ignore what it takes to make our outdoors a more equitable space. Not all people have equal access to the outdoors and its benefits, I aim to be a voice in the movement behind changing that. Please take a look below at my downloadable PDF I created as action steps to an inclusive outdoor community. Enjoy and DONATE here if possible.

“We ask for no special privileges or favors. We ask only for even-handed justice. We simply ask that we should be recognized as men + women”.

Proceedings of the Colored Peoples Convention of the State of South Carolina (Charleston 1865)

My 2020/2021 work goals:

  1. To produce my first film centering BIPOC, (See “Film Project“)
  2. Continue work with my first brand as a D.E.I consultant (Happy Active Family).
  3. Get more acquainted with the laws and policies that aid in my mission, and vote appropriately and encourage others to do the same.
  4. Get Wilderness First Aid certified and share with the BIPOC community.
  5. Find a way to reach young adults and take them on hikes, possibly back-country.
  6. Create with more BIPOC leaders in this community that are already in place doing the work, amplify and uplift their messages as well.
  7. Hold brands accountable, demand Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  8. Continue “Trashy Mamas” clean up crew in my community, incorporate anti racism.
  9. Meet the needs in my community, creating space for my Indigenous and Latinx brothers and sisters who make up 15% of the demographic in my area.
  10. Be intentional about collaborations that are both for the people and our planet.

If you are a brand wishing to collaborate with me on ANY of the above goals, please visit
“Business Inquiries” .

“I want to be remembered as someone who used herself and anything she could touch to work for justice and freedom.. I want to be remembered as one who tried”.

-Dorothy Height

Want to hire me as a DEI consultant for your business?

“In being, I am equal”.

-Jean Toomer

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